Other features

Enable loading UPS services dynamically

This option displays all available UPS services for a specific order.

For example. The below image displays, all enabled UPS services from our UPS account.

Although, some UPS services are not available depending on the origin and destination of an order.

Let's choose: Worldwide Economy DDP service.

We get the following UPS error

To prevent this, lets check "Enable loading UPS services dynamically".

Now we see only available UPS services AND estimated time

Enable creation of an independent voucher/label

With this option enabled an extra button will be displayed on top of the orders list next to bulk actions.

The creation of an indepedent shipment is an extra build-in feature that allows you to create a forward or return shipment unrelative of an existing order.

Enable Return Label

Enabling this option will display an extra section in the shipment creation called as "Return label"

Enable Pickup feature

You can enable this option if you want to call UPS for your Pickup packages

Enabling this option an extra button called "Create a PICKUP" will be displayed in the top list of UPS shipments

Go to WooCommerce->UPS Shipments

Select an order and click the button "Create a PICKUP"

By clicking the PICKUP button, a modal window is showing

There are some useful details about the pickup you are going to sumbit.

Total of packages, weight and pickup address

Your pickup address is on your account page

Go to Settings->Settings UPS->UPS accounts & services (Tab)

Click accordion section ->Shipper info & Ship from

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