Email settings

Enable email tracking

Check to enable the feature to send tracking numbers to customer

Ensure that iBen email is enabled here too: WooCommerce->Settings->Emails -> (iBen) UPS Order Tracking email

Display checkbox of sending - Available Options

Hide checkbox and ALWAYS send tracking code email

Display checkbox as unchecked.

Display checkbox as checked - Recommended

Message in email:

Write the text you want to displayed in iBen email

Preview inside email

Available Shortcodes: (Only for internal use on above message)

[iben_ups_tracking_shipping_first_name] = First name of customer

[iben_ups_tracking_shipping_last_name] = Last name of customer

[iben_ups_tracking_code] = ZL4556544126

[iben_ups_tracking_service_name] = UPS Sandard

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