General settings

API mode: Test or Live.
Debug mode: By enabling this option, it will show Debug categories field. You can select specific parts of functions to log.
This option is a powerful tool for iBen support if you meet issues. The plugin will log various queries and valuable data in the WooCommerce log data section.
WooCommerce->Status->Logs (Tab)
Those logs can be sent automatically to iBen support if you go to the support section.
Settings->UPS Settings->License & Support->Send diagnostic report.
Select default active section: Select which section is active when going to create a shipment
Enable creation in order list: Enabled, you can create a shipment from the orders list. An extra column is displayed.
Hide UPS account admin bar: If you want to hide the widget from the admin bar. If you use multiple accounts, hiding the top bar widget is not recommended.
Hide bulk actions from the order list
Hide bulk print & combine