Edit UPS services

Let's go to the UPS accounts list

Settings-> Settings UPS-> UPS accounts & Services (TAB) and click Edit account in Friendly name column

So we will focus on the right sidebar as you see below

At the UPS services & Live rates section feel free to enable the UPS services that you desire to work within cart/checkout also in the backend too.

Name: Give a custom name

Price Adjustment %: For percentage discounts. Use the minus(-) for negative adjustment.

Example -70 = (BASE -70%)

Price Adjustment +-: For fixed amount discount. Use the minus(-) for negative adjustment.

Example: -14 = (BASE - 14)

Include/exclude selected countries: You can disable or enable a specific UPS service for selected


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UPS rates adjustments by shipping zones section is one of the most powerful tools relative to live rates. You have the ability to Adjust percent or fixed discounts for a specific Shipping zone and UPS service.

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Rates country availability: Disable or enable live rates feature for specific countries

Round UPS rates: This will transform up or down UPS prices with 0 or 1 decimal

Ship to Residential. 3 available options

  1. Indicate always as residential: Will indicate the address as residential when it requests real rates. UPS charges a bit more for residential destinations.

  2. All as Non-residential and only validate (US/PR) destinations. All destinations won't be set as residentials, but only for US/PR addresses after a validation request.

  3. All as Residential and then Partial validate (US/PR) ONLY: All destinations will indicate as residentials but they will revalidate if is a US/PR address.

Option 2 and Option 3. An extra request is being executed to UPS API to get real-time results if an address is classified as residential or commercial. Only US/PR accounts can perform this validation. Please, if you don't have a US/PR account, use option 1 or 2; otherwise, it will make an additional request for no reason.

Estimated Settings

Enable UPS estimated time

Estimated time prefix: Change prefix text

Estimated time format: Select date format

**Until what time do you deliver the same day?: Until what time you will deliver the package if you receive it.

**Which days are you shipping? **Specific days?

** Values are necessary for our algorithm to pass to UPS API when they pick up your package, so the estimated time is more accurate.

Probably you have noticed the red notice (UPS rates is disabled)

Let's jump on our global settings

Go to Settings-> UPS Settings

Check the checkbox "Enable live rates"

Notification is disappeared (UPS rates is disabled)

Let's go to the front shop, add a product and go to checkout.


After these steps, if live rates are not displayed, do the following:

Go to Woocommerce->Shipping->(iBen) UPS live rates

Confirm that Enable is checked and CLICK "Save Changes" in any way.

Even if was checked, please click "Save Changes"

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