International forms

Enable International forms

This is a global option to enable international forms when creating shipments manually or automatically

Enabling this you will see an extra section for international shipments as follows:

On the current shipment, I Created the Shipment with Commercial invoice and NAFTA checked as the origin is US and Destination Canada

With 1 click I got the label and all commercial forms in 1 PDF

International account settings

Enable product UPS fields

This field is recommended enabled if you want to use international forms as it will display extra fields in each product. Currently supports only simple and variable products

You can set for each product

H.S Tarrif

Product description, if you want to use a different description than the product name

Country of Manufacture

(NAFTA only) Net Cost Code

(NAFTA only) Net Cost Begin Date:

(NAFTA only) Net Cost End Date:

(NAFTA only) Preference Criteria

(NAFTA only) Producer Info

Enable restricted Articles fields

Enable this option if you want to display restricted products in your packages and need to inform UPS

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