Ready to create shipments

At this point, you can create shipments and print labels.

First, let jump in the iBen UPS global settings

Go to Settings-> Settings UPS

Make sure API mode is Test selected. All other settings leave them as they are for now.

Click the button at the bottom "Save Changes"

Go to the orders list

Find an order and click the button "Create a UPS shipment"

If you want to Review it before creating the shipment, check the "Save edits & Review Shipping"

You will be able to see possible errors or Alerts.

Our example

Has an alert: A Delivery Area surcharge has been added to the service cost.


Public rates: Rates are displayed as you see them on your UPS account at their official website.

Click the blue button "Create UPS Label" to create and print the shipment.

iBen UPS plugin has an excellent built-in feature to automatically resize/rotate and transform the original UPS label and export them to a PDF single file. More labels options can find in global settings.

In our example, the first is what we received from UPS and Customised PDF is the feature we are talking about.

Here are our results

All shipments can be found here.

WooCommerce->UPS Shipments

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