Receive UPS Client & Secret ID

Step 1: First we need to access the UPS Developer Portal:

Then we need to select 'Apps' in the profile menu and click 'Add Apps' once the Apps menu has opened.

Step 2: When adding a new App, select 'I want to integrate UPS technology into my business' in the first dropdown menu and then select an appropriate UPS Account to associate with the new credentials.

Step 3: Afterwards you can fill out your contact details as you see fit.

Step 4: On the following page you can select which UPS Products to associate with the new API connection.

Select the following:

  • Shipping

  • Tracking

  • Paperless Documents

  • Time in Transit

  • Locator

  • Pickup

  • Rating

  • Address Validation

OAuth should automatically be selected and be non-removeable, but if not automatically selected please do so.

If callback URL is required put this

Step 5: Once the Products are saved, you will be presented with the new App details.

Here we need to get the Client ID and Client Secret.

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